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Do you have a Healthy and Green Home?


Household cleaners may be making your family sick.

Consider these facts:


  1. Synthetic chemicals are everywhere in our homes and environment.  The risks of some are known -- others, nobody knows yet.
  2. These synthetic chemicals have been found in the blood of children and adults--even in the core blood of newborns!
  3. Serious illnesses are increasing among children and adults.

Simple logic tells us there may be a connection among these known facts. The wise approach is to get the chemicals out of our homes and make our families safer.

Watch the Toxic Brew News Report and see just what may be lurking in your home!


Protect Your Family


View this video on Toxic Brew.


And, as it turns out, what's good for your home is good for the earth and everyone else on it, too. So let's make our homes healthy, and in turn help the planet.

So we've put together some pretty easy things you can do to make your family safer and your home healthier. If you want a chemically free home, try our Shaklee Get Clean Starter Kit.

Get Clearn Starter Set

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