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Are All Vitamins the Same?


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Now, vitamins are not all the same and if you're not aware of that fact, you're going to learn about it now. Some vitamins that you go to buy in the health food store or the drug store are made from petroleum – they're made from coal tar.  In fact, most vitamins are made from that and these synthetic types of vitamins are not well assimilated in the body. Do you think if you plop in a plastic coated One-A-Day or Myadec or Centrum in your body that your body's going to know what to do with that plastic coated stuff?

I do a lot of intestinal fasts with people to give them a good cleansing. The patients call in and they reported "I have this black tar like stuff coming out of my body!"  I explain to them this substance comes from the drugs and all the coal tar vitamins that they have been taken over the years. They are amazed when they see it and realize how much it really resembles actual tar.

But when you deal with vitamins, you have to understand that if you're going to get your body balanced, you've got to do it with food or food based supplements.  For the last 15 years that I've been doing my research in nutrition and working with people.  I have had the opportunity to examine many, many different brands on the market and one of the things that I've been very aware of is that you can't trust the labels.  A label can say that a product is natural or organic (I love that word) and by law, all the companies have to do is put 5% natural product in that to call it "natural". Now, the natural part could be a filler, or a binder; it doesn't even have to be part of the actual vitamin itself.  So be aware that you could be buying a 95% synthetic vitamin, even if it is labeled "natural" and is very expensive.Vitamin looking

Over the years I have had great experience and really good luck with Shaklee brand vitamins; they are the closest thing to the food source that we can get. When you take this particular brand of vitamins, you are taking vitamins that are prepared without changing the natural ratio in which vitamins naturally occur in the food.

A good example of how it works is with B vitamins.  Many people that I work with around the country will say, "Yeah, I'm taking a high potency B-complex" or "I'm taking a B-50 or a B-100." When you look at the label of those B vitamins you'll see that there's 50 mg of all the Bs or 100 mg or let's say 30 mg of all those B's. Now that is not the way B vitamins occur in nature.  If you take yeast or rice bran and break it down, look at the B vitamins (I have) you see that the natural ratio might be 1.2 mg of B1 to .02 mg of B2 to 30 mg of B3. Do you see what I mean? It doesn't all occur even all the way down the line and the only way that those vitamins can be in those proportions – 50 of each, or 100 of each – is if they are made that way, that means those are man made.

Well, your body was designed to assimilate B vitamins in their natural ratio, the way they occurred in food. I my opinion, the only logical way to take these nutrients to help your body become balanced is to take them in these natural form and that's what Shaklee Corporation does.  They don't mix it up or change it; they just leave it the way they find it.  Their processing system is the best way of any company I've ever found. They don't heat, harden or change them in any way. I really do feel that you'll get the best results with Shaklee vitamins.

Diane Petoskey

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